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1. Trash Bin Cleaning Service Description:

Customers will receive a comprehensive trash bin cleaning service, including an exterior power wash, an internal pressure wash at extreme heat with high-pressure washing, and the addition of a fresh scent. Bins are brought back to the gate, and the Customer will receive before and after pictures of the cleaning process.


2. Trash Bin Plans and Pricing:

a. Quarterly Plan: $45 per quarter for the cleaning of 2 bins quarterly. An additional $10 fee applies for each extra bin.

b. Pro Plan: $60 per quarter for the cleaning of 4 bins quarterly. An additional $10 fee applies for each extra bin. The Pro Plan includes free re-services; customers can contact Earth Bin Cleaning to schedule one free cleaning per month after notifying Earth Bin Cleaning and providing reasonable need for cleaning.


3. Minimum Cleaning Commitment:

By signing up for either service the Customer agrees to a minimum of three consecutive cleaning services ("Cleans") with Earth Bin Cleaning. In the event of an early cancellation, the Company will perform one last quarterly service and charge the Customer for this final service to ensure a satisfactory conclusion.


4. Billing and Rate Policy:

a. Payment is due after the completion of each service.
b. The Company reserves the right to adjust rates only in the case of additional services requested by the Customer.


5. Customer Satisfaction:

The Company strives to maintain a positive customer experience. Should any issues arise, the Customer is encouraged to communicate concerns promptly to ensure resolution.

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